Our History

Situated in Civrac, northern Médoc, this family estate was purchased in 2012 by a Bordeaux wine enthusiast, who restored the château’s image by renovating the buildings and investing in a new cellar in which all the tanks are temperature-controlled tanks. The vineyards is now 21 hectares.

Our vineyard

With an average age of 30 years, our vineyards are made up of twenty parcels spread over a very varied terroir with hilltops containing clay, sand and gravel soils.  They are planted with grape varieties typical of the Médoc, i.e. 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. 

As for the wines produced in southern Médoc, the rows are planted 1 meter apart, with a density of 7600 vines. This high density leads to a greater concentration of aromas in the wine.

Our goal is to reduce the use of pesticides and work on substainable farming. The soils will be worked mechanically to allow the vines to become more fully established in the soil.

We pick our grapes by hand and carry out an initial sorting on the parcel. 

Our cellar

As a result of recent investment, the cellar now contains mainly 55-hectolitre tanks, which allow us to vinify each parcel individually. Temperature control means that we can control the temperature of the must and obtain gentler fermentations. We are assisted in the vinification of our two wines by an oenologist, Edouard Lambert from the Boissenot laboratory, who also works for the most prestigious Médoc Grands Crus Classés.