Château Nouret


As a result of parcel vinification, the best lots are blended to make the first wine with a balance between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The ratio is generally 50-50. Once blended, the first wine is matured in the barrel for 12 months. We renew a third of our barrels every year to obtain a slight oaky effect that supports the fruit aromas. This wine may be enjoyed straight after bottling but will offer even greater pleasure after a few years in the cellar.

La Bacchante


This wine is made from our youngest parcels, with a higher percentage of Merlot to produce a fruitier wine that is pleasantly fresh on the palate. It is made to be enjoyed in its early years and, to obtain a light oaky effect in harmony with the fruity base, we mature it in the traditional way in barrels used to age three vintages combined with 12 months’ maturing in tanks.

Le Rosé de Château Nouret


This  rosé wine obtained by “bleeding“ is vinified at low temperature to conserve all of its aromas.

 2 weeks of Fermentation duration.


 A clear Rosé wine with a light lychee color. An elegant nose with notes of currants and rasberries fruits.

The attack on the palate is fresh and round. Fruity and aromatic throughout the length.