Authentic Wines and personalities

The logo is the emblem of an independent viticulture, rich in the diversity of its terroirs, its climates and the know-how of the men and women who compose it.

Its missions

The missions of the independent winegrowers of France are based on two main axes: the defense of the profession of independent winegrower and the promotion of the trade and its economic development.

The commitment of the independent winegrower

  • He cultivates his vineyard respecting his terroir.
  • He makes his own wine in his cellar.
  • He sells his wine by sharing his passion.

The independent winegrowers have always been in direct relationship with the consumers.  It could even be said that they are at the origin of the concept of direct selling, since they left their domain and their region to present their own wines to the Parisians first, then in the major cities of France.    In this logo we have associated the signature "wines and authentic personalities" that represent all the diversity of women and men, passionate about their profession in all regions of France.  The wines resemble the independent winegrowers who draw them from the vine, to the bottling by way of winemaking and breeding.

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